Spanish Water & Sunset Trip

Enjoy the scenery of the Spanish Water during a two-hour sunset trip in Curacao.

Cruise with us on the open sea and watch the amazing Caribbean sunset, then finish the day by relaxing on our lounge chairs with a glass full of bubbles and some tasty snacks. After an active holiday full of adventures and activities, you deserve to relax in style and end your trip on a mellow note, floating in the Caribbean on a sunset cruise tripand sipping a delicious beverage.

  • Max. Pass 35
  • Boarding at the Fisherman’s Harbor, Caracasbaai, at 5 PM.
  • Return at 7 PM.
  • Price: $40.
  • Inclusive:
    • Glass of bubbly, soft drinks, and open bar.
    • Finger food snacks.
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Too often we get caught up in the things that we “have to do,” building complicated itineraries for our holiday trips, and stressing ourselves out in the process. Vacations are supposed to be about relaxation, so while it is great to have adventures while exploring new places like Curacao and the Caribbean, you don’t want to go overboard and end up ruining your trip by trying to do too much. Some people love doing activities all day long, but others simply want to unwind from the stress of work and home life—and that’s where a sunset boat tripcan really do the trick. There are no goals or objectives during this tour, aside from completely relaxing and letting yourself melt into the laid-back atmosphere of Caribbean island life. Turn off your mobile phone and disconnect for a few hours, allowing the warm, salty air and the sounds of the ocean to take you back to simpler times.

This Spanish Water sunset cruise is the ultimate Caribbean stress relief excursion. Safely aboard The Breeze, you will sink into our comfy sofas and indulge in delicious drinks and snacks while simply enjoying the gentle sway of the ocean and taking time out of your busy day to watch the sun set. With so much distracting us in our daily lives, we often forget to be still for a moment and appreciate the fact that we have been gifted another day. Acknowledging the setting sun—and immersing yourself in the beauty of the pastel sunset—will rejuvenate your soul and help you remember how fortunate we are to have opportunities to explore places like Curacao. And the next day, when the sun rises again, you will be physically and emotionally rested and ready for another day in paradise!

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